Abington Christian Academy offers a rich and engaging classical Christian education for students from PreK3 through 4th grade.


The curriculum centers on the core subjects of math, language arts, literature, history, and science. It also integrates music, art, and physical education. Latin is taught to higher elementary students.

All subjects are taught through the lens of a Christian world-and-life view. We acknowledge that all truth is God’s truth. Course content interacts among various disciplines because all truth finds its source in the mind of God. What may be known about any subject reveals important information about the Creator God.

Teaching Methods
The teaching methods employed by ACA faculty aim to do the following:
     -To instill vital information in students by repetition, songs, chants, seatwork, discussion, and projects
     -To develop skills by practice
     -To investigate concepts through hands-on experiences
     -To create excitement about learning by means of interactive cultural programs and field trips
     -To embody the compassion of Christ by serving the local community and the world through chapel offerings and regular service projects.

Community Life

The ethos of the ACA learn
ing community is one of excellence and grace. Students are challenged to diligence and high standards of achievement while being treated with encouragement and acceptance.

Godly principles for relationships are taught and modeled throughout the day. Students are known and loved as particular individuals. And student families are embraced as being special and vitally important to our community.

Faculty and staff pray regularly for and with students and student families about specific needs.


"Abington Christian Academy has a strong academic foundation and the children enjoy learning. Most importantly, we love the fact that the children not only know the Word of God but also are taught to live it. Scripture is integrated deep within the educational system itself. Teachers and the administration are very interested in the children's well-being."    --ACA Parent