"The students are so polite. Many days I was thanked profusely just for giving them a spelling test."
-Graduate Student Observer from Local University

1. What kind of school is Abington Christian Academy?

Abington Christian Academy is a classical Christian school serving students in PreK3 through 4th grade. The academy seeks to employ the most effective educational methods and curriculum possible--from time-tested classical approaches to proven innovations. All subjects are taught from a distinctly Christian perspective with an emphasis on clarity in thought and expression and preparation for a life of leadership and service. For more information on classical Christian education, see question #7.

2. Where is the school located?
Abington Christian Academy is housed in the well-maintained United Methodist Church of Chinchilla. Nestled on the side of the hill on Layton Road in South Abington Township, the school is easily accessible from Route 81 and Route 6 & 11.

3. How much does it cost to attend Abington Christian Academy?

Tuition and fees are comparable to other local private schools. Please visit Tuition and Fees for the current rates.

4. Do you offer before/after care? 
Before and After care will be provided for an additional fee. Before care is available at 7:00 am and After care remains open until 5:00 pm. Special arrangements can be made for families who need extended hours Before or After care. See Tuition and Fees for rates
5. What about scholarships?
Abington Christian Academy seeks to offer a high-quality Christian education to every family who would like to send their children to ACA; therefore, we encourage everyone family who desires to attend our school to apply. Partial tuition assistance is available through several means. Please check the Tuition Assistance page, or call the academy office at 570.586.5270 for more information.

5. How do prospective student families apply to the school?
Students are welcome to begin the application process immediately by downloading and completing the Application for Admission form. Parents can contact the school by calling 570.586.5270 with more specific questions regarding the process.

6. Is Abington Christian Academy the same as Summit Christian Academy?
No. Though both are Christian schools in the Clarks Summit area, they are separate entities.

7. What is distinctive about classical Christian education?
Classical education is a time tested and proven educational method intentionally designed for the way people naturally learn. The classical method was born in ancient Greece and Rome, was used throughout the Western world by the 16th century, and remained the norm until at least 1850. It is precisely the kind of tried and true approach to education that has produced countless great leaders, inventors, scientists, writers, philosophers, theologians, physicians, lawyers, artists, and musicians over the centuries. This method gives students the knowledge and skill necessary to navigate a global marketplace and an ever-changing society. Classical education strives first and foremost to impart to its students the “tools of learning”—skill in knowledge, skill in logical analysis, and skill in oral and written communication. These tools are then applied to specific subject matter until they are mastered. This set of intellectual skills that form the basis for classical education is the kind of foundational education that will give students the freedom to pursue any career path they desire. Furthermore, a classical Christian education is both academically rigorous and soul nourishing, a reflection of the mandate that the goal of education is to not merely produce students who are “informed”, but also “well-formed. 

Classical Christian education is language based (we put a heavy focus on words first until they are mastered), fully integrative (strong connections between subjects are made so that the student will not be confused or frustrated by subjects), age appropriate (we teach our students "what's best for them, right then") and finds its center in Jesus Christ, who is the living Word, the "Logos", or the organizing principle of all subjects and studies.