The curriculum at Abington Christian Academy is more than merely a set of textbooks or exams. It includes all of the tools used to convey information, spark imagination, build skills, and stimulate thinking.

We use a classical approach when selecting course materials and methods. Our curriculum suppliers include Veritas Press, Shurley Grammar, A Beka, Modern Curriculum Press, Educator's Publishing Service, Purposeful Design, Story of The World, Singapore Math, and Saxon.

Because class sizes are small, instruction occurs in a tutor-pupil style of teaching.

The standard course of study for each grade is as follows:

         Crafts  Spelling   Handwriting Reading  Math Science History  Bible  Art  Music  Phys Ed  Latin 
PreK3-4         x          x       x    x        x   x    x    x  
Kindergarten        x            x       x    x      x      x    x   x    x     x  
1st Grade        x        x        x    x      x      x    x   x    x    x  
2nd Grade        x        x       x    x      x      x    x   x    x    x  
3rd Grade        x        x       x    x      x         x    x   x    x    x   x
4th Grade        x        x        x    x      x      x    x   x    x    x   x

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