"I would suggest that loving God with our minds—thinking Christianly—points us to a unity of knowledge, a seamless whole, because all true knowledge flows from the One Creator to His one creation."  - David Dockery

The curriculum at Abington Christian Academy is more than merely a set of textbooks or exams. It includes all of the tools used to convey information, spark imagination, build skills, and stimulate thinking.

We use a best practices approach to selecting course materials and methods, including both traditional and innovative approaches to teaching. Our curriculum suppliers include Veritas Press, A Beka Curriculum, Modern Curriculum Press, Educator's Publishing Service, Association of Christian Schools International, and Apologia.

Because class sizes are small, instruction occurs in a tutor-pupil style of teaching.

The high school model includes regular interaction with members of the community, dual enrollment courses at local colleges, and college visits. High school students must also engage in an ongoing entrepreneurial project in which students identify an interest that meets a need in the community and has the capacity to generate income.

The standard course of study for each grade is as follows:
         Crafts  Spelling   Handwriting Reading  Math Science History  Bible  Art  Music  Phys Ed  Latin  Logic  Vocab  Spanish
PreK3-4          x          x       x          x              
Kindergarten        x            x       x    x      x      x    x   x    x     x        
1st Grade        x        x        x    x      x      x    x   x    x    x        
2nd Grade        x        x       x    x      x      x    x   x    x    x        
3rd Grade        x        x       x    x      x         x    x   x    x    x  x      
4th Grade        x        x        x    x      x      x    x   x    x    x  x      
5th Grade        x        x        x      x      x      x    x   x    x       x  x      
6th Grade        x        x       x    x      x      x    x   x    x    x  x      
7th Grade            x      x        x       x    x     x     x  x  x x
8th Grade            x      x      x    x   x    x     x  x  x  
9th Grade         x
x x
 x    x
   x   x
10th Grade
        x x x    x
x    x
x x   x