Third year at ACA
MA - Great Books & Worldview Studies - Clarks Summit University
BS - Bible - Clarks Summit University

Mr. Lovell is honored to be presiding over Abington Christian Academy, where his love for the humanities and the classical model converge and where the boundless opportunities to challenge and be challenged produces new growth with each passing day. He loves the Great Books of the Western world because they allow the reader to see the thread that connects our modern age with ancient times, and begs us to walk beside it with open eyes, examining the worlds we pass through while examining ourselves along the way. Besides the classics, Mr. Lovell has been most profoundly influenced by the work of C.S. Lewis for his friendly, casual tone that often belies his true genius and wit, Graham Greene for his recognition of grace, truth and sanctification in a broken world, and Jacques Ellul for his clarifying vision of the spiritual human being in the midst of a political, technological, and futuristic wilderness. Mr. Lovell has an insatiable appetite for learning new things, rendering him a jack of all trades and master of none. He desires to use this passion as kindling to ignite sparks in the minds of the students and turn them into lifelong learners. His latest interest is learning theological Latin and Koine Greek. Born and raised on a dairy farm near Williamsport, Pennsylvania, he has innate interests in gardening and farming, and ultimately, the fruits of those labors: the preparation of feasts for the dinner table. He possesses large collections and snobbish tastes in both music and film. He loves his opportunity to work as an associate editor and part-time writer at Songtime Ministries. Mr. Lovell currently resides in Scranton with his wife, Amber.


, MA
PreK3 and P
Third year at ACA
MA - Early Childhood Education - Clarks Summit University
BS - Elementary Education - Clarks Summit University
Mrs. Hosterman spent 13 years teaching first grade in two different Christian schools before she took a 16-year break to work with her husband, John, at Clarks Summit University's kitchen and dining hall. While at the university, she was amused to watch many of her former first-graders go through college. She loves being back in the classroom and appreciates how each member of the ACA staff "bends over backward" to help one another. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and playing piano. Mrs. Hosterman is especially encouraged by two Psalms. Psalm 139 is a reminder that we're wonderfully formed and understood by God, and Psalm 20 talks about the Almighty God of Jacob being our protector. Each of these chapters hold special significance to Mrs. Hosterman because of particular life events. This appreciation of each person's unique importance informs and infuses her interaction with ACA's tenderest population: PreK students. Mrs. Hosterman's intelligence and gentle manner create a safe learning atmosphere in which children are free to enjoy learning. She and her husband share their home with Sophie, a pomeranian-chihuahua.
10 years at ACA
BS - Elementary and Early Childhood Education - Marywood University
"I love to teach and to study the Bible! I especially love to teach reading," says Mrs. Leach. Originally from Chinchilla, she loves to cook, go to the beach, swim, entertain, and play games, especially Pictionary. She homeschooled her children for many years before coming to teach at the academy. Mrs. Leach brings her natural curiosity and her many years of experience to bear on her task of instructing students during the critical Kindergarten year, when so many important facts and behaviors are being learned. She also shares her love of nature and enjoys teaching students about flowers and birds. Mrs. Leach lives in Lenoxville with her husband, Bruce, and one son, Isaiah.


1st and 2nd Grade
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"This was by far the most enriching experience in my teaching career thus far."
-Graduate Student Observer from Local University


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