Admission Process
We're here to help you through the admissions process!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time at 570.586.5270.

      _____1. Call the school office to ask questions and to schedule a school visit and an interview: 570.586.5270.
      _____2. Attend an interview and receive an Application for Admission, or download one from this site. Request scholarship applications, if desired. (An interview is required prior to acceptance for admission.)

      _____3. Complete and return the Application for Admission to the school office along with a $15 non-refundable Application Fee.

      _____4. The academy will notify you of acceptance.

      _____5. Upon acceptance, pay the non-refundable Registration Fee.

      _____6. Complete and return the Family Financial Contract. (Obtained from the school office)

      _____7. Complete and return required medical and dental forms. (Obtained from the school office)
      _____8. Complete and return the Emergency Contact Form. (Obtained from the school office)

      _____9. Complete and return the Request for Instructional Materials Form. (Obtained from the school office)

      _____10. Pay the Activity Fee and the Curricula Fee.

      _____11. Begin tuition payments.
      _____12. Order dress uniforms from Starr Uniforms, or use the School Uniform Order Form. (Obtained from the school office)

      _____13. Order physical education uniform from the school office.

      _____14. Purchase supplies from Class Supplies List.

      _____15. See you in August!