Like most private schools, Abington Christian Academy is fully funded by tuition and by the financial partnership of the community it serves.

The Board of Governors is responsible to steward these financial resources for the following purposes: 
    • To carry out the school's mission of providing a rigorous Christian education to families in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
    • To actualize the school's vision of equipping students who love God, who love learning, and who love and serve their families, churches, and communities. 
    • To recruit and hire exceptional teachers and staff; to pay these professionals a living wage, commensurate to their superior education, skill, and dedication; and to provide for their further development and training.
    • To house the school in a facility that is safe and is suitable to its mission and vision.

The following general Christian and business principles apply when setting an appropriate tuition: 
    • Tuition must be priced to enable the school to maintain its integrity in delivering the high-quality education it promises families. It must fund the school's vision and educational philosophy. 
    • Tuition must be priced to enable the school to function with financial stability. It must fund the school's true operating costs. 
    • Tuition must be priced to demonstrate Christ-like compassion toward those whom Jesus declares He came to serve: the poor, the sick, and the captive. 

The board is committed to helping families of lesser means meet the balance between family budgets and tuition costs through scholarships. For information on scholarships, please click on the Tuition Assistance tab.

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